One hot summer afternoon in 2003 I left my first yoga class almost overwhelmed by the awareness that I actually felt good.  I noticed that I felt better than I had ever felt at any other point in my life.  My muscles were a bit fatigued, and my wrists sore, but I also felt lighter.  I had a profound feeling of joy, but I also wanted to cry.  So I did.  I cried right there in my car.  Bawled my eyes out!  Then I walked back upstairs to the studio at Wilmington Yoga Center, and I bought a membership.  I dedicated myself to months of Hot Ashtanga.  I was hooked!  Within a short few months, I was physically stronger and had more range of motion than I had had since before my car wreck in 2000. But something else was happening too. Alongside physical injuries and limitations I had at that time, at age 24, I was also suffering from undiagnosed CPTSD, and generally spiritually.  I felt hurt, sad, and disconnected.  I continued my practice, I became a teacher, and I have found so much healing in the past 20 years.

Yoga and meditation have improved my life on every level!

As my practice progressed through the years, and I realized the full potential of physical healing the practice had to offer, I began to dive deeper into meditative studies and the yoga of the mind.  Through those studies, I received certifications in meditation and in hypnotherapy.  As a part of my own healing journey and my strong desire to help others find relief from their own various levels of pain, I have created several guided meditations that I share here with you all.  I can also create a personalized meditation for you.  Please message me for more details.

My best to you, on YOUR healing journey!  

~Laramie Reese